Thursday, June 24, 2010

Michael's First Father's Day

It's amazing how quickly time goes by and to think that this time last year, we had just found out that Christian was indeed a boy. From the very beginning, I knew that Michael would be a wonderful father, but seeing it first hand has brought me to the realization that he is a better father than I could have dreamt of. Christian adores his Daddy just as much as I do and I know that Michael is in bliss when he looks at him.

In the morning, Mike went for a bike ride, while I got myself and Christian ready for the day. It was Papa's 2nd Annual Father's Day cookout so there was a lot to be done before everyone came over. After Mike showered, he received his gifts from Christian. A card along with a book with Christian's handprint & footprint in. Each year, we will add a page with Christian's handprint and eventually he will start signing his own name. It will be sweet to see how his hand grows and penmanship changes. Christian helped Daddy read his card(s).


Then I took Michael to get his gift from me. I bought him a grill. We're both ecstatic about moving into our own place (IN TWO WEEKS!) and he kept mentioning how nice it would be to be able to grill all summer, and now, he can. :) He is such an amazing cook, that I know he'll make the best dinners, too. So in a sense, it was a gift for both of us.

We enjoyed the day surrounded by family with drinks, games of volleyball, and lots of smiles & laughter from the little ones.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


Wow. It has been a long time since I've last posted (sorry for that). Things have been a little hectic around here.

Mike and I are both working a lot. Still trying to get things in order for our place. We just signed the lease last night - so exciting! We move in July 9th. The countdown has begun - 22 days until move in!

We went to Ikea on Monday. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE Ikea?! Driving up you feel like you're going to Disney Land. It's AH-MAZING! We pretty much bought everything for our living room while we were there: bookcase, tv stand, coffee table, end tables, dvd rack, cd rack, accent chair and then we grabbed some wine glasses. love, Love, LOVE Ikea!

Our lives have been extremely chaotic. I just recently have been hired at a childcare center (Alphabet Soup) and so I have been getting all the necessary paperwork done (BCI, TB Test, Etc.). I'm hoping to start training on Monday. I will be a substitute teacher, but hopefully by the fall they will have a more stable position for me. I'm very excited because it could potentially be the day care that Christian attends either while I'm working or when I go back to school.

Speaking of school. My schedule is set. I will be returning to Roger Williams University in the fall as a full time psychology major. I'll have class Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9-1. Not too shabby if you ask me. My only worries (besides getting a babysitter) is that my course load will be tougher than I am anticipating.  I know that my courses will not be easy, I just hope that I can manage that while taking care of Christian and working. This year will be a test. Don't get me wrong, I have confidence, and I will finish. I am up for the challenge.

Christian is getting smarter everyday. His new thing is to scream (at the top of his lungs) to get attention. I am so.over.it. I love him to pieces, but I will not get trapped into his little game of getting whatever he wants whenever he wants it. It's neither good for him or me. I honestly think it is because he is getting more and more frustrated that he can't walk yet. If I stand him up and allow him to hold my fingers, he walks and walks. It makes me think (and scares the crap out of me) that he will be walking early.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I'll try to post more often. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Christian Is On The Move!

Things have been really crazy around here. Mike and I are working a lot and trying to get everything in order (slowly, but surely) for when we move in July. Amist all of this, Christian is really on the move. He's been pulling himself up to standing for a little while now, but is getting sturdier and more active.  Once he sets sight on something he wants, he will do anything to get it! Below is a video of him standing up using Grammy's couch to get Mommy's phone.

Along with standing, he has also mastered climbing. Weekend mornings Mike and I bring Christian in bed with us to play and cuddle. Over the past few weekends he has learned to climb over Mommy and Daddy. With this practice, he has learned to climb the step at Grammy's house that goes from the living room to the hallway. He has done it several times now, perfecting his new skill.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big Family or One & Done?

Let me just clarify that Mike and I are NOT ready to start trying for Baby #2 any time soon. These are simply my thoughts at the moment.

Whenever Mike and I had talked about children and starting a family, we always agreed that we wanted a big family. We both come from families with three or more children and enjoyed that growing up. I have always wanted 4 children (some may think I'm crazy), but I love children, always have.

Well Mike and I have decided that IF we are going to have more children, we will wait until I graduate college to start trying (which means no earlier than May 2012). I am perfectly fine with that. I want to finish and by that time we will most likely be more stable in every aspect to expand our family. But it does make me think about the age difference. If we don't start trying until 2012, Christian will be almost 4 by the  time Baby #2 is born.

There are different theories about the time between Children. In an article from Parent's magazine they discuss how time plays a factor.  When you're children are 0-2 years apart you "get everything over at once" referring to diapers, sleepless nights, potty training, etc. The downfall? At such a young age, Child #1 remembers what it was like to be mommy's only, but not old enough to understand the coming of another child. Waiting 2 1/2-4 years in between is a repeat process. Once one is out of diapers a new one arrives, etc. But waiting 4 + years results in babysitter syndrome. The older child may resent the younger (and the parents) because the parent sees them as "extra hands". But it is also referred to as two "only children" because one is starting school and you are starting over with the younger.

There have also been studies that show waiting 4 1/2 years or longer between children can result in high risk pregnancies and premature birth. This makes me nervous. But I guess only time will tell.

Also, Mike had mentioned the other day that he does not want a daughter. Semi-joking, of course. He would love to have a "Daddy's Girl", etc. But he fears what comes along with that: period, boys, dating, etc. He said that he will die young if we have a girl simply because his blood pressure would sky rocket. He told me that he was seriously debating having one child because he doesn't want the worry that comes with having a girl. I know he wasn't completely serious, but it made me think. Am I okay with the one and done?