Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rejuvenating Date Night

Over the past two months, Michael and I have been lucky enough to have a few date nights. If it were not for our wonderful parents who are willing to take Christian overnight, we would never get the opportunity.

Last month's date night consisted of us getting dressed up and going to a Hibachi style restaurant. The food was great (and according to Mike so were the drinks).

This past weekend we went to a deluxe Cinema in which you are treated like the stars (or at least that's how I felt). We were seated in the most comfortable theatre seats ever and served food and drinks. I must say the movie flew by and everything was great.

It is these rare date nights that I am thankful for. We are able to have somewhat of a night off from parenting and time to reconnect. We discuss things from all over the spectrum (wedding stuff, to future goals, to what we're having dinner tomorrow night).

Every couple should be allowed one date night a month. So if you're a grandparent - offer to babysit, and if you're a parent - don't be afraid to ask! We all need alone time every now and then, and once a month is definitely a start!