Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Troublesome Two

Every Thursday afternoon, I babysit my niece Gabriella (age 2). It's great to spend time with her and for Christian to be able to interact with his best friend and cousin. Their eyes light up when they see each other.

Gabriella often greets Christian as if she is so much older, putting on a sweet voice, patting him on the head, and saying, "Hi CJ!" It really is so precious.. that is until the fun really begins.

They are now both at the age of sharing (or lack thereof). Constantly tugging on the same toy, until one falls or the other cries. Feeding off each other's every move. They learn so much from one another (like how to push Christian's table-top toy over to the bookcase, only to climb on top & pull books down - giving me a heart attack).

Last week they were playing, while I was washing dishes and suddenly I hear my niece yelling, "Aunty, Aunty, hurry, hurry!" I rush over and low and behold, Christian has an egg on his forehead. They were playing, he tripped on a book and smashed his head on... well I have still yet to figure out what he hit his head on, but luckily, a week later, the bump is gone and all is well.

So you may ask, what do I do to calm them down from all the excitement? Cheerios and books. The three of us sit on the couch, they snack on cheerios and I read to them, until they are ready for nap time - a very relieving time of day when the two of them are together.

Enjoy the photos!


  1. ...And then at 3:30p nonnie comes and relieves mamma Amanda so she can go to work...I LOVE the ride to EP excitement pouring through my veins...I love Thursdays...I get to be with my granbabies and see my awesome daughter in law...and also hang out with my two sons...so fun...I love bringing a special supper (which they think they help me cook!) Then we eat together with yogurt for dessert...then its pajama time...then uncle ang comes over and hangs out and then Mike comes home ...puts CJ to bed and then we all talk a while before I head home and Ang and Gabs pick up Bree from work...Sorry Amanda, I know it is your blog but i was bursting with joy and had to continue on with the night...How I love my Thursdays... :)

  2. I love your blog! I saw you over at bloggymoms and I was just reading a few of yours posts your proposal (so sweet even threw the bloody nose)and this one caught my eye as well! I am a nanny for 3 children and I have two of my own so I usually have 5 kids all day... Two of which are 3! talk about toddler tornado! lol I hope you get a chance to check out my blog and when i reach 100 followers I am having a give away :) hope to talk with you soon! By the way I did everything backwards too :) Its life and an amazing one at that!